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Our experienced agents understand the value of your real estate, backed by an exceptionally broad network. This enables us to efficiently identify the most suitable prospects. Additionally, we offer the option of discreet sales – leveraging our extensive client base, there's a high likelihood of finding a buyer without publicly disclosing the property.

Our team includes leading marketers, legal professionals, videographers, and photographers. We also collaborate with agents from other agencies, both domestically and internationally. This means that instead of just one agent, you have our entire team of experts, including hundreds of agents, all applying their expertise to achieve your goals.

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Dedicated to fulfilling your dreams, LUXUM has enlisted the finest real estate experts from Estonia's largest property conglomerate, UUS MAA. Our top-notch agents bring extensive experience and the latest market insights to assist you in all matters, making the process of finding your dream home as simple, comfortable, and secure as possible.

We are committed to delivering high-quality service and ensuring your desires are met. All transactions are conducted transparently, thoroughly, and in full legal compliance. We advocate for your interests, recognizing the priceless value that a home holds in our lives, providing joy, security, and peace to both us and our loved ones – qualities that are timeless.

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Rent with us

Our property analysts possess detailed and up-to-date market information, enabling us to determine the most accurate rental price for your property. Our agents are dedicated to finding trustworthy tenants who understand the value and uniqueness of your real estate and can truly appreciate it.

In addition to our extensive marketing channels and broad network, we utilize key real estate portals to identify the most suitable tenants. Our professional marketing team excels in highlighting the uniqueness and strongest features of your property, ensuring that it stands out in the market.

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Reliable appraisal

Our professional appraisers bring decades of experience, along with the latest market analyses, forecasts, and extensive information on various property types. This ensures high-quality work and a fair outcome. The appraisal process includes a thorough property inspection, analysis compilation, and the preparation of an expert valuation, opinion, or brief assessment.

Beyond the appraisal, we provide guidance on potential income or rental rates, a timeline forecast for completing transactions, and advice on selling or leasing based on factors such as price, location, size, and age, along with visible and hidden costs. Additionally, we offer price consultation, assessment of collateral value for loans, consultancy for development projects, and valuation for financial reporting purposes.

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Personal Connoisseur

Our collaboration extends beyond real estate purchase or lease – our strength lies in finding solutions for all your ongoing needs. We have a network of top professionals in various fields, including legal advice, architects and interior designers, construction partners, landscape architects, cleaning and maintenance services, and experts in interior design, among others.

Moreover, we are always ready to share contacts in lifestyle-related areas such as art, jewelry, food and wine culture, as well as provide recommendations for the region, schools, sports clubs, and many other convenience services. Through partnerships with numerous luxury brands, their offerings are directly accessible to our clients.

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Premium marketing

Our professional marketing team is dedicated to enhancing the attractiveness and visibility of your property. We develop marketing strategies to quickly reach a wider audience and efficiently achieve the desired results. Our properties are showcased on major online portals, print publications, and outdoor spaces. We design ads for each channel, craft compelling ad copy, and produce high-quality images, videos, and printed materials.

To achieve the best possible outcome, stylists, photographers, and videographers collaborate to create a first-class and appealing appearance for your property. With this unified marketing team, your real estate stands out visually and content-wise, making it unique, compelling, and prominent in today's highly competitive market.

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